My July Monthly Wrap Up

Hi. First and foremost, how are you? This has been a trying year for all of us. Before I start this blog post, I want to take a quick minute to check on all of you. Please stay safe, stay healthy. We’ll get through this.

What a year this has been, huh? I remember posting blogging resolutions near the start of the year, and one resolution is that I have to learn to compartmentalize, and learn to blog even when I’m not in the mood or when other parts of my life aren’t going well. That… hasn’t really happened. I underestimated how exhausting this pandemic is, and how tiring being terrified all the time is. I’ve also barely read the past few months, which is really weird. Reading has always been my safe haven, and to not be reading when the going gets tough is something new to me. Also, whenever I do itch to read, I reread. For a while there, I didn’t really like reading new books.

July has been a bit better though – I finally started reading again, switching between old favorites and new books, bust mostly new titles. For the first time in a while, I reached for more backlist titles, and I also read two new releases, and one ARC. Not quite up to my usual numbers, but not bad.

This wrap up post will be a monthly feature (hopefully). I would love to be able to share what I’ve read in the past month, what reviews and other features I’ve posted, and I’ll also post what I’ve been generally up to.

So, without further ado, here’s my July recap!

This doesn’t happen very often, I have rated all the books I have read last month at least four stars! Incredible, right?

Nothing, since this is a new blog. I can’t wait to share what I’ve been cooking up with all of you!

Other than reading, I’ve been trying to get back to watching J-dramas. I just finished watching the live action of Nodame Cantabile, which was a lot of fun! I’ve also been binge-watching Arashi shows non-stop. If you don’t know them, check out Arashi’s Diary Voyage on Netflix! 😉

12 thoughts on “My July Monthly Wrap Up

  1. I can understand the comfort of rereading at this time. I would probably do more of it, if I was able to listen to audiobooks. That’s generally how I reread. With my 12 year-old and husband being home all the time, it feels weird to listen so I haven’t done it.

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    1. I discovered this year that I really love rereading – I love the familiarity of it. I get you! Listening to audiobooks when a lot of people are at home does feel a little weird. Also, I get distracted a lot when I listen to audiobooks… I honestly don’t think I’ve finished one.

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    1. I’m a mood reader too, and like you, I’m enjoying finding older titles that I want to read. I’m still not back to my usual pace of reading, but it is what it is. I’m taking my time and reading what I like, which is a pretty good thing. 🙂


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