Top Ten Tuesday: Questions I Would Ask My Favorite Author

This is a tough one! I’m so awkward when asking authors questions… even when I have questions prepared. Heh. Here’s what I’ll do – I’ll ask five general questions, and then I’ll ask five random authors a question each. If I ask one author all ten questions, I would probably be like ‘Give me all the spoilers!!!’ and that won’t do! Also, fun fact – I’ve already gotten the chance to ask my favorite author Cassandra Clare something I’ve been wondering about. If you’re curious, then yes, she knows how the Shadowhunters series will end! 😛

Alright, without further delay, here are the questions!

  • How do you make the decision to extend a series, especially when it has been announced that your book would only be a standalone?
  • It’s not a secret that most movie or TV adaptations of books are… not good. Is it truly an author’s dream to have their book adapted into a movie or TV series?
  • Is it difficult to write YA and then write Adult and vice versa?
  • Do you think that trigger warnings are a must, regardless of the genre?
  • Do readers’ reactions affect how you write the succeeding books in a series?
  • To Kate Brian – what is up with the ending of Megan Meade’s Guide to the McGowan Boys? Will we ever get a sequel? (I can’t be the only one wondering this…)
  • To Jenny Han – are we getting a new book soon? (Such a cop out question, but it’s been a while!)
  • To Mariana Zapata – will we ever see Trip again? (I would LOVE a Trip book!)
  • To Kresley Cole – did Karin and Walker ever get back together? (I think about this a LOT.)
  • And finally, a question to Nalini Singh – when are we getting an Illium/Aodhan book? (!!!!!!!!)

Well, there you go! Coming up with questions is so hard – it took me longer to draft this post than it would take a review. Now I’m off to read your posts!

18 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Questions I Would Ask My Favorite Author

  1. I love your questions!! And some of them had me smiling pretty big. I love the personal questions that showed your passion for particular books. I’m also surprised to hear that Clare already knows how the series will end, but I guess that doesn’t necessarily mean she has to know everything in the middle yet. I’m not anywhere close to feeling like I’ve had my fill of Shadowhunters!

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  2. Oooh, thank you for asking Clare that question! It’s nice to know author’s have thought ahead. BUT I don’t want it to end!! 😉

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  3. I love your question about trigger warnings and the TV/film adaptations. I’ve only read one Mariana Zapata book, and I really need to read the rest so I can meet this Tripp guy.

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