Top Ten Tuesday: Books for My Younger Self

There are so many books that I want my younger self to read, and it was difficult for me to list only ten titles. I’ve been reading since I was five (I’m twenty-eight now), but none of the books I read as a child and teenager made me feel seen. In a nutshell, I want young Lyra to see herself in books. As an Indian-Filipino child, I never saw myself in fiction. None of the heroines looked like me. Back then, there were also zero books with fat rep, and there were times I would feel so uncomfortable reading because there was so much emphasis in a heroine’s skinny body. Teen Lyra was also frequently bullied for looking different from her classmates, and books that mirrored how I look and my experiences would have been so helpful.

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My August Monthly Wrap Up

Last month, I finally took the plunge and started a new blog from scratch. All my old blogs used to be called Defiantly Deviant, but this time I thought of a different name. I wasn’t ready for too much change, so I came up with Defiantly Yours – it was important to me that the word defiant still be part of ny my new blog name, and Defiantly Yours just fits. It’s the perfect name to have as I take on a new blogging journey.

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Review: The Trouble With Quarterbacks by RS Grey

Title: The Trouble With Quarterbacks
Author: RS Grey
Release Date: August 6, 2020
Goodreads  | Amazon

CANDACE: KAT & YASMINE! DO NOT DALLY! Come straight home after work. Kat, don’t take the long route from the subway station just so you can pass by Cute Hot Dog Guy. This is important!

I’ve had THE BEST DAY. You won’t believe it. There I was in my preschool classroom, washing a bit of poo out of some soggy trousers, when this absolute babe came to collect his nephew from my class.

Truthfully, I thought I’d blacked out for a moment when I first saw him. He was a proper hunk with glorious brown hair, quite tall, and he had these arms. Are muscly arms supposed to turn me on? I’m panting just thinking about them.

Anyway, he told me he’s a professional foosball player. At least, I think that’s what he said. The tots can get quite loud near pick-up time.

YASMINEFoosball? What are you on about? Have you gone mad?

KAT: Oh sod off. So what if I like to have a good look at Hot Dog Guy’s arse on my trek home after a hard day’s work? It’s called self-care.

CANDACE: Kat, you’re hopeless. Yasmine, yes—foosball! I suppose it’s a big thing over here in the States? We must investigate and learn everything we can.

By the way, he’s called Logan.

Logan + Candace. I think that sounds quite nice! I can hear the wedding bells now. Dum dum da-dum.

YASMINE: Oh good grief. I suppose we can do some snooping when I get home. I’ll grab wine on my way.

KAT: I’ll grab hot dogs.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Books About Food on My TBR

This is another tough topic – as soon as I read what the prompt for this week was, I immediately forgot all the books that I read that have to do with food. Heh. Do books make me hungry? I don’t know… I spent about an hour browsing through my kindle but I only found three books that I’ve already read about food, chefs, or restaurants, so I thought I’d change the TTT topic for this week. Instead of posting a list of ten books that made me hungry, here are ten books that have food as a setting that I want to read. Below is a list that has both adult and YA titles, and I’m excited to read all of these! No brief descriptions this time around since these are all new titles and I have nothing to say either than ‘this looks so good’, but if you have read any, let me know what you think!

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Review: The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary

The Flatshare

Title: The Flatshare
Author: Beth O’Leary
Release Date: April 18, 2019
Goodreads  |  Amazon

Tiffy and Leon share a flat
Tiffy and Leon share a bed
Tiffy and Leon have never met…

Tiffy Moore needs a cheap flat, and fast. Leon Twomey works nights and needs cash. Their friends think they’re crazy, but it’s the perfect solution: Leon occupies the one-bed flat while Tiffy’s at work in the day, and she has the run of the place the rest of the time. But with obsessive ex-boyfriends, demanding clients at work, wrongly imprisoned brothers and, of course, the fact that they still haven’t met yet, they’re about to discover that if you want the perfect home you need to throw the rulebook out the window…

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Top Ten Tuesday: Questions I Would Ask My Favorite Author

This is a tough one! I’m so awkward when asking authors questions… even when I have questions prepared. Heh. Here’s what I’ll do – I’ll ask five general questions, and then I’ll ask five random authors a question each. If I ask one author all ten questions, I would probably be like ‘Give me all the spoilers!!!’ and that won’t do! Also, fun fact – I’ve already gotten the chance to ask my favorite author Cassandra Clare something I’ve been wondering about. If you’re curious, then yes, she knows how the Shadowhunters series will end! 😛

Alright, without further delay, here are the questions!

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Review: The Simple Wild by KA Tucker

Title: The Simple Wild
Author: KA Tucker
Release Date: August 7, 2018
Goodreads  | Amazon

Calla Fletcher wasn’t even two when her mother took her and fled the Alaskan wild, unable to handle the isolation of the extreme, rural lifestyle, leaving behind Calla’s father, Wren Fletcher, in the process. Calla never looked back, and at twenty-six, a busy life in Toronto is all she knows. But when Calla learns that Wren’s days may be numbered, she knows that it’s time to make the long trip back to the remote frontier town where she was born. She braves the roaming wildlife, the odd daylight hours, the exorbitant prices, and even the occasional—dear God—outhouse, all for the chance to connect with her father: a man who, despite his many faults, she can’t help but care for. While she struggles to adjust to this rugged environment, Jonah—the unkempt, obnoxious, and proud Alaskan pilot who helps keep her father’s charter plane company operational—can’t imagine calling anywhere else home. And he’s clearly waiting with one hand on the throttle to fly this city girl back to where she belongs, convinced that she’s too pampered to handle the wild. Jonah is probably right, but Calla is determined to prove him wrong. Soon, she finds herself forming an unexpected bond with the burly pilot. As his undercurrent of disapproval dwindles, it’s replaced by friendship—or perhaps something deeper? But Calla is not in Alaska to stay and Jonah will never leave. It would be foolish of her to kindle a romance, to take the same path her parents tried—and failed at—years ago. It’s a simple truth that turns out to be not so simple after all.

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My July Monthly Wrap Up

Hi. First and foremost, how are you? This has been a trying year for all of us. Before I start this blog post, I want to take a quick minute to check on all of you. Please stay safe, stay healthy. We’ll get through this.

What a year this has been, huh? I remember posting blogging resolutions near the start of the year, and one resolution is that I have to learn to compartmentalize, and learn to blog even when I’m not in the mood or when other parts of my life aren’t going well. That… hasn’t really happened. I underestimated how exhausting this pandemic is, and how tiring being terrified all the time is. I’ve also barely read the past few months, which is really weird. Reading has always been my safe haven, and to not be reading when the going gets tough is something new to me. Also, whenever I do itch to read, I reread. For a while there, I didn’t really like reading new books.

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