Top Ten Tuesdays: My Favorite Book Quotes

In my previous Top Ten Tuesday posts, I talked about how I usually have trouble following the prompt, but not today! I soon as I saw this week’s prompt, I immediately knew what I wanted to write. So, without further ado, here are ten of my favorite book quotes. Some are dialogues between characters, while most are simple thoughts that the main characters have, and all of these quotes have stuck with me through the years.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Questions I Would Ask My Favorite Author

This is a tough one! I’m so awkward when asking authors questions… even when I have questions prepared. Heh. Here’s what I’ll do – I’ll ask five general questions, and then I’ll ask five random authors a question each. If I ask one author all ten questions, I would probably be like ‘Give me all the spoilers!!!’ and that won’t do! Also, fun fact – I’ve already gotten the chance to ask my favorite author Cassandra Clare something I’ve been wondering about. If you’re curious, then yes, she knows how the Shadowhunters series will end! 😛

Alright, without further delay, here are the questions!

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